Autors: Andreev, S. K., Tzanova, S. S., Spasova, N. R.
Title: Three Methods for Pcb Via Metallization – Investigation and Discussion
Keywords: Dielectric activation, Metallization, Printed Circuit Board, Via

Abstract: The present paper describes the results, obtained during the investigation of three chemical methods for multilayer Printed Circuit Board (PCB) via metallization. All these methods have one and the same purpose – to provide metal (copper) deposition on the dielectric surface inside the PCB vias and make electrical connection between the separate layers. However, they have different chemical composition and respectively price, process complexity, possibility to treat different PCB materials. In this paper the metallization quality of each method is investigated, depending on the type of the PCB material, the via hole size, the material thickness and the via location on the test substrate



    , 2018, Bulgaria,

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