Autors: Dochev, I. N., Docheva, L. E., Pavlova, M. T.
Title: A remote controlled system implementation for object video monitoring
Keywords: control system, remote control, image recognition.

Abstract: In the current paper a solution of the problem with an information taking from difficult to reach and dangerous earth places is described. The robots will be very useful in this case. In the paper hardware part researching and designing of such a system is done. The main modules are: а quad-copter and а control system. In the paper а modern technology allowed to survey the remotely objects is presented. The system can record them and after that transmit the data to the remotely work station. In the paper the problems, which appears in the research work and the solution for their solving is discussed. The possibilities for information transmission are considered. The proposed solution can be used in disasters, ecology projects, sports events, energy sectors and etc.


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ELECTROTECHNICA & ELECTRONICA E+E, pp. 310-313, 2018, Bulgaria, СЕЕС, ISSN 0861-4717

Copyright The Union of Electronics, Elect rical Engineering and Telecommun ications /CEEC/, BULGARIA

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