Autors: Filipov, S. Y., Pleshkova, S. G.
Title: Achieving and estimation of acoustical or speech privacy in open plant offices via sound masking systems
Keywords: speech privacy, sound masking, open offices, speech transmission index - STI, privacy index - PI

Abstract: One of the problems in open plant offices is the existence of unwanted sounds, usually like speech or conversations present in the workplace of each staff member, which are caused by the surrounding working people in the open office. This usually leads to the annoyance and distraction of the working people in the open offices. There are a number of methods and means to combat from these unpleasant sounds disturbing people in their jobs and one of them is the popular method of sound masking. Generally the sound-masking methods and corresponding sound masking systems are used to minimize any undesired sounds or noises. Usually in open plant offices the annoyance and distraction sound sources are from human speech and people conversations around each of the working places. Therefore, it is logic and preferable to estimate the effectiveness of used sound masking methods and systems only from the values of measured speech privacy. The goal of this article is to achieve of speech privacy ap


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IJETCAS, vol. 24, issue 112, pp. 18-23, 2018, United States, IJETCAS, ISSN 2279-0055

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