Autors: Pandiev, I. M.
Title: Investigation and design of high-speed transimpedance amplifier circuits using CFOAs
Keywords: transimpedance amplifiers, stability analysis, transient response, design procedure, CFOA

Abstract: The paper presents the structure and principle of operation of the basic transimpedance amplifier (TIA) circuits. In particular, high-speed (with bandwidth >1MHz) inverting and non-inverting circuits, employing current-feedback operational amplifier (CFOA) are under consideration. Based on analysis of the operational principle, equations for the frequency and step responses of both circuits are obtained. As well, approximate formulas for the related dynamic electrical parameters at simultaneously operation of the input, transmission and load parasitic capacities are worked out. The formulas for the step responses of the circuits are obtained from the transfer functions by applying the inverse Laplace transformation. Moreover, using these formulas a design procedure, valid for frequencies up to 500MHz, is developed. The efficiency of the proposed procedure is demonstrated by simulation and experimental study of sample electronic circuits of TIAs.



    Elektrotechnica & Elektronica E+E, vol. 51, issue 1, pp. 38-46, 2016, Bulgaria, The Bulgarian Union of Electronics, Electrical Engineering and Telecommunications, CEEC, ISSN 0861-4717

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