Autors: Pandiev, I. M.
Title: Electronically controllable active filters employing monolithic four-terminal current-feedback operational amplifiers
Keywords: analog circuits, active filters, non-inverting active-RC integrators, current conveyors, digital potentiometers

Abstract: In this paper two new electronically controllable voltage-mode active-RC filters are proposed. The filters are performing standard low-pass (LP), high-pass (HP) and band-pass (BP) transfer functions The first proposed circuit has two outputs (LP and HP) and employs single monolithic composite current conveyor (CC), current-feedback amplifier (CFA), grounded passive RC-elements and one CMOS digital potentiometer. The second circuit has three outputs (LP, HP and BP) and uses two monolithic composite CCs, one CFA, grounded RC-elements and one dual digital potentiometer. The bandwidth and the pole frequency of the filters can be tuned electronically in wide range via controllable digital code of the digital potentiometers. The workability of the new active-RC filters has been demonstrated by SPICE simulation results.



    Elektrotechnica & Elektronica E+E, vol. 47, issue 3, pp. 10-17, 2012, Bulgaria, The Bulgarian Union of Electronics, Electrical Engineering and Telecommunications, CEEC, ISSN 0861-4717

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