Autors: Pandiev, I. M., Todorov, T. G., Yakimov, P. I., Doychev, D. D.
Title: Current conveyor based sinusoidal oscillators employing quartz crystal resonators behaving as inductors
Keywords: Analog circuits; Oscillators; Crystal resonators; Current conveyors

Abstract: In this paper two new sinusoidal crystal oscillators, using single and dual composite current conveyor (CC) are proposed. The LC tank of the proposed circuits includes a capacitive network and crystal resonator that behaves as an inductor. The crystal oscillators are the results of a systematic circuit synthesis and can relatively easily be derived from the classical Pierce oscillator, realized with discrete transistors. The created circuits provide the following advantages: (1) the insignificant influence of the load over the parameters of the oscillators, (2) ability for independent fine tuning of oscillation frequency and oscillation condition, (3) low output impedance, and (4) good frequency stability. Some recommendations for designing this kind of analog circuits are given based on symbol analysis of the characteristic equations. Experimental results that confirm the theoretical analysis are included.



    Annual Journal of ELECTRONICS, vol. 3, issue 2, pp. 96-99, 2009, Bulgaria, TU-Sofia, ISSN 1313-1842

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