Autors: Georgieva, H. I., Serbezov, V. S.
Title: Mathematical model of aircraft ground dynamics
Keywords: aircraf ground dynamics, aircraft ground movement modelling, aircraft weigt distrubution, aircraft center of gravity, steering angle

Abstract: This paper presents a mathematical model with 3 degrees of freedom developed in Matlab/Simulink environment for numerical simulation of aircraft ground dynamics. As a reference aircraft Airbus A319 midsize commercial passenger aircraft has been chosen. The model takes into account the forces and moments generated by the aircraft (aerodynamics and thrust) and the forces generated in the landing gear tires. The model was validated against a simplified takeoff run model derived from aircraft flight records. For qualitative model assessment two cases of curvilinear aircraft ground motion were simulated and analyzed. In these simulations the aircraft weight and center of gravity position were varied as a parameter of operational relevance.


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2017 International Conference on Military Technologies (ICMT), 2017, Czech Republic, IEEE, ISBN 978-80-7213-917-6

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