Autors: Christian Girginov., Sashka Petkova., Zahariev, A. S.
Title: Electronic conductivity in the (+)metal/anodic oxide/electrolyte system
Keywords: anodic oxide films, electronic conductivity, leakage current


  1. Sashka Petkova, Christian Girginov, Todor Petkov, 2013, NCES IN NATURAL SCIENCE: THEORY AND APPLICATIONS OPEN JOURNAL SYSTEMS Journal Help USER Username Password Remember me NOTIFICATIONS View Subscribe / Unsubscribe JOURNAL CONTENT Search Browse By Issue By Author By Title Other Journals FONT SIZE Make font size smallerMake font size defaultMake font size larger INFORMATION For Readers For Authors For Librarians HOME ABOUT LOG IN REGISTER SEARCH CURRENT ARCHIVES Home > Vol 2, No 1 (2013) > Petkova ELECTRICAL BREAKDOWNS DURING FORMATION OF ANODIC OXIDE FILMS ON ALUMINUM, Advances in Natural Science: Theory & Applications, Volume 2 (1), pp. 23-30
  2. Christian Girginov, Sashka Petkova, 1950, Еlectronic currents in the (+)Bi/Bi2O3/electrolyte system during tensiostatic anodization,, J Solid State Electrochem, Volume 17, pp. 2341–2347


Current Topics in Electrochemistry, vol. 15, pp. 43-47, 2010, India,

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