Autors: Georgieva, H. I., Pavlov, N. L., Kunchev, L. P.
Title: Tester for Study the Influence of Tire Vertical Load and Tire Internal Pressure on Tire Cornering Stiffness
Keywords: tire vertical load, tire internal pressure, tire cornering stiffness, tire tester

Abstract: This article presents the results of experimental study of the influence of tire vertical load and tire internal pressure on tire cornering stiffness. The results have been obtained with a mobile tire tester which was developed at department “CEAET” at TU-SOFIA. The information about the dates of size load, index speed, index group, wearing out is obtained from Goodyear website, The study process concerns three main areas: (i) the choice of the experimental methodology; (ii) calculation and analysis of the data; (iii) discussion and conclusion. The obtained results give the possibility to determinate the role of tire on vehicle handling and stability.


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Applied Mechanics and Materials, vol. 822, pp. 89-93, 2016, Switzerland, Trans Tech Publications, ISSN 1662-7482

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