Autors: Sandov O.L., Dimitrov E.D., Petrova, T. S., Naydenova, I. I., Filipov D.
Title: Combustion characteristics of solid biofuels
Keywords: softwood pellets, low calorific value, proximate and ultimat

Abstract: The present work is focused on investigating the potential of several alternative fuels for „cleaner“ combustion and efficient fuel utilization at minimum exhaust emissions. The examined solid biofuels are as follows: two types of softwood pellets and chips, together with a representative sample of softwood bark. The investigated blends of pellets and chips are produced from 100 % softwood without chemical impurities. Proximate and ultimate analyses are being carried out of test samples, prepared in accordance with ISO 16559 and ISO 14780.



    , 2017, Czech Republic,

    Вид: пленарен доклад в международен форум