Autors: Naydenova, I. I., Petrova, T. S., Ganev, I. G.
Title: Combustion intermediates relevant to gas phase soot precursor`s formation in acetylene flames
Keywords: acetylene flames, gas phase soot precursors, laminar flame

Abstract: In this work the chemistry of various combustion intermediates has been studied concerning their role in formation and consumption of species widely accepted as gas phase soot precursors. The work was focused on acetylene flames as they are believed to have a specific chemistry that needs additional investigation. In this study a well-known chemical kinetic scheme was chosen. The detailed kinetic mechanism is originally developed and validated for describing the high-temperature combustion of basic systems of type H2/CO/C1-C4, and in this particular study it was applied for investigating the flame structure of several recently obtained C2H2/O2/Ar laminar flames. The model was extended with a subset of reaction pathways describing the formation and consumption of key species that are absent in the original version of the mechanism. Additionally a few subsets of the original scheme were reconsideration in order to improve the behavior of various combustion intermediates governing th



    , pp. 81, 2013, Italy, Virt&I-Comm, ISSN 2279-8773

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