Autors: Zhilevski, M. M., Mikhov, M. M.
Title: Study of Electric Drives for Rotary Table of Milling Machines
Keywords: milling machine; rotary table; electric drive; position cont

Abstract: This paper describes a methodology for selection of electric drives for rotary table of milling machines with digital program control. The offered algorithm takes into account the technological process features, the tools used, the processed material, as well as the mechanical gear type. Actual examples have been presented illustrating the practical implementation of the offered methodology. An improved structure of rotary table has been developed. The research carried out and the results obtained can be used in the development of such electric drives for the studied class of machine tools.



    Journal of Multidisciplinary Engineering Science and Technology, vol. 2, issue 40, pp. 607-611, 2015, Bulgaria, ISSN 3159-0040

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