Autors: Andreev, O. D.
Title: Operations System Agility – the Underlying Factor for Mass Customization and the Most Important Feature of New Industrial Revolution
Keywords: Industry 4.0; Agility; Operations Management

Abstract: Modern products become more and more complex and along with this, the requirements for reducing time-to-market and costs are increasing continually. The demand for customized products is growing at the same rate, as well as the search for more effective and efficient utilization of resources and energy, which is already a distinguish feature of industrial development nowadays. In turn, increased agility and velocity of production processes significantly increase the requirements for modern production systems. In order for industrial companies to survive and keep their competitiveness in such a dynamic environment, they must not only increase their productivity, but to improve their operations strategy in terms of agility as well, offering their goods and services. Latter puts new challenges to modern companies.



    International Journal for Science and Innovations for the Industry, 2016, Bulgaria, Scientific Technical Union of Mechanical Engineering, ISBN ISSN 1314-8907

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