Autors: Kalimanova, I. I., Nikolova, H. N., Vassilev, V. A., Djambazov M., Diakov, D. I., Mikhailov V., Tzvetkova Y., Panchev N.
Title: Measurement оf Geometry оf Parts оf Magnetic System оf NICA Complex Collider
Keywords: measurement, methodology, metrological datum features

Abstract: The report deals with issues related to the measurement of geometry and the estimation of the geometric accuracy of parts of the magnetic structure of the collider of the NICA complex, Dubna, Russia. The methodology of measurement of dipole lens semi yokes which are part of Collider magnetic structure is briefly described. Special attention is paid to the influence of the choice of metrological datum features on the adequate assessment of the geometric accuracy of the object being measured.



    XXVII International Scientific Symposium "METROLOGY AND METROLOGY, pp. 177, 2017, Bulgaria, Sozopol, ТУ-София, ISSN 1313-9126

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