Autors: Pandiev, I. M.
Title: Analysis and design of LC amplifiers and LC oscillators using current-feedback amplifiers
Keywords: Analogue circuits; Current-feedback amplifiers; LC amplifiers; LC oscillators

Abstract: The present paper discusses specific types of LC amplifier and LC oscillator using a current-feedback amplifier (CFA). The main advantage of the CFAs versus voltage-feedback amplifiers (VFAs) is their gain-bandwidth independence. Some of the monolithic CFAs provide an additional pin between the first stage (current-controlled current source) and the second stage (voltage follower), where the resistance is very high. This allows a parallel resonance LC tank to be connected to the additional op amp correction pin. The main advantage of this new configurations is the insignificant influence of the load over the parameters of the circuit (voltage gain, Q-factor, etc.). Some recommendations for designing this kind of analogue circuit are given, based on simulation results, symbol analysis of the transfer function and physical experiments as well as elements’ values calculation using centre frequency, voltage gain, bandwidth and Q-factor of the LC amplifiers as input parameters.



    International Journal of Electronics, vol. 93, issue 10, pp. 663-677, 2006, United Kingdom, ISSN 0020-7217

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