Autors: Romansky, R. P., Noninska, I. S.
Title: An Investigation of Secure Access and Privacy Protection in e-Learning Environment
Keywords: eLearning Processes; Secure Access; Privacy; Formalization and Modelling

Abstract: The digital world creates new challenges for information security & privacy in e-learning. The aim of secure access to all resources of an e-learning environment is very important and adequate technological and organizational measures for authentication, authorization and protection of personal data must be applied. Strong security procedures should be proposed to protect user’s profiles, designed after successful registration and all personal information collected by educational processes. The goal of this article is to present the authors’ point of view for organization of security access and personal data protection in an e-learning environment with internal and external resources based on cloud and social computing. A formal description is proposed and Markov chain model is designed. Analytical investigation based on partial multi-factor experimental plan has been carried out and several statistical assessments are presented.



    Proc. of the International Conference on e-Learning’15, pp. 280-285, 2015, Germany, ISSN 2367-6698

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