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Autors: Romansky, R. P.
Title: Social Computing and Digital Privacy
Keywords: Digital world, social computing, privacy, security policy, personal data protection

Abstract: The contemporary digital world based on the global network proposes different opportunities for remote access to distributed environments and shared information, dissemination of specific content, communication between real or virtual users, using cloud services, implementation social contacts, etc. Many of these activities are connected to creation of personal profiles and uploading personal data but it is not known the policy of privacy protection. The article discusses some challenges of digital world (particular of social computing) for personal data protection as a main part of the privacy. The special features of social computing and its components are discussed, the fundamental principles of data protection organization are presented and problems for personal data protection are summarized.


    Communication & Cognition, vol. 48, issue 3, pp. 65-82, 2015, Belgium, ISSN 0378-0880

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