Autors: Romansky, R. P., Noninska, I. S.
Title: Discrete Formalization and Investigation of Secure Access to Corporative Resources
Keywords: Formalization, Petri net modeling, secure access investigati

Abstract: This article discusses organization of an extended sub-system for information security which is accomplished with analysis of cloud computing and data centers used by business to store corporative information resources. It is pointed out that the IT security policy should apply adequate technical and organizational measures for personal data protection and managing access rights to all resources in the business information environment. Basic principles of data protection as a part of information security policy in a corporation are presented and a general architecture of corporative security sub-system is proposed. A formalization by using discrete graph structure is made and main procedures for secure access to 3 types of resources (public, private internal and private external) are determined. The Petri nets (PN) apparatus for modeling of secure access processing is used and an analytical evaluation is made.



    International Journal of Engineering Research and Management, vol. 3, issue 5, pp. 97-101, 2016, India, ISSN 2349-2058

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