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Autors: Romansky, R. P., Noninska, I. S.
Title: Architecture of Combined e-Learning Environment and Investigation of Secure Access and Privacy Protection (DOI: 10.4018/IJHCITP.2016070107)
Keywords: eLearning Processes, Security and Privacy, Architecture of eLearning Environment, Investigation.

Abstract: The contemporary digital world based on network communications, globalization and information sharing outlines new important targets in the area of privacy and personal data protection which reflect to applied principles of secure access to proposed information structures. In this reason the aim of secure access to all resources of an e-learning environment is very important and adequate technological and organizational measures for authentication, authorization and protection of personal data must be applied. Strong security procedures should be proposed to protect user’s profiles, designed after successful registration and all personal information collected by educational processes. The goal of this article is to present an idea to combine traditional e-learning technologies with new opportunities that give mobile applications, cloud services and social computing. These technologies can endanger data security since they make possible remote access to resources.


    International Journal of Human Capital and Information Technology Professionals, vol. 7, issue 3, pp. 89-106, 2016, United States, IGI Global Publ., ISSN 1947-3478

    Copyright IGI Global Publ.

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