Autors: Romansky, R. P.
Title: Information Servicing in Distributed Learning Environments. Formalization and Model Investigation
Keywords: distributed learning environment, architectur, information s

Abstract: The distributed learning is a model that permits to organize different learning and information resources in a heterogeneous environment with local management based on the global network. The architectural design of such distributed learning environment (DLE) with distributed access to remote learning resources requires to build an adequate formalized model and to organize an investigation of the information servicing, including secure access and personal data protection. The book discusses some problems of computer modelling and investigation, information servicing and secure access to the learning resources in DLE, principles of information security and privacy and propose approaches for deterministic and stochastic model investigation by using the apparatus of Petri net/Stochastic Petri net and Markov’s chain, with the support of monitoring and statistical analysis of collected data. These investigations are made for evaluation and validation of structural components and processes.



    , pp. 100, 2017, Germany, LAP LAMBERT Academic Publishing, ISBN 978-3-330-02932-3

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