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Autors: Romansky, R. P.
Title: A Survey of Digital World Opportunities and Challenges for User’s Privacy
Keywords: digital age, information servicing, privacy, cyber security, secure access

Abstract: This paper is a summary on the opportunities of the contemporary digital environments and proposed services in the network world and discusses some important challenges for the users’ privacy and security. The cyber security and personal data protection are important themes discussed in different levels, including European Commission, US Department of Homeland Security, corporative boards, etc. In this reason, the article presents the main obligations of the administrators, data controllers, data processors, service providers, etc. for protection of the user’s personal data and privacy. The discussion is made in the frame of digital world opportunities as e-services, e-governance, e-learning, cloud and social computing, Internet of Things (IoT), Machine to Machine communications (M2M), etc. A summary of the main challenges of digital spaces which could disturb the user’s privacy is made and an organizational structure of System for In-formation Security Management (SISM) is prop


    International Journal on Information Technologies and Security, vol. 9, issue 4, pp. 97-112, 2017, Bulgaria, Union of Scientists in Bulgaria, ISSN 1313-8251

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