Autors: Todorov, M. H., Nikolova, B. M., Nikolov, G. T.
Title: Cross-platform Sensor Networks
Keywords: Arduino, Cloud Platforms, Raspberry Pi, Sensor Networks, Zig

Abstract: The development of wireless sensor networks offers new challenges for engineers and scientists from different technological areas. The involving of various hardware and software platforms in the implementation and design of sensor node increases the capabilities of sensor networks. Also, cloud services provide effective network management and access to stored data, detected and measured by sensors in the sensor network. This paper presents an approach for developing heterogeneous sensor networks and connecting it with cloud services.



    XXVI International Scientific Conference Electronics - ET2017, pp. 150-153, 2017, Bulgaria, ISBN 978-1-5386-1752-6

    Вид: постер/презентация в международен форум, публикация в реферирано издание, индексирана в Scopus