Autors: Garabitov A. S., Tsenov, A. K.
Title: A Signal Envelop Criterion for Passiv Voice Quality Analizing
Keywords: VoIP quality, signal waveform analysis.

Abstract: Abstract – The paper is discussing problems connected with tools to non-intrusively evaluate VoIP quality by signal waveform analysis. The aim of this paper is to present new models for objective, nonintrusive, prediction of voice quality for IP networks and to illustrate their application to voice quality monitoring control in VoIP networks. The method detects impairments of quality of audio for human perception. It enables to see the quality of VoIP connection at a glance and warns when quality deteriorates. This gives the option to troubleshoot VoIP network before users are affected by VoIP specific connection problems (echo, noise or breaks in the conversation). The signal waveform envelope distortion is reviewed; practical questions of its numerical implementation are discussed. Several examples of how the criterion can be used are given.



    ICEST 2017, pp. под печат, 2017, Serbia,

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