Autors: Pleshkova, S. G., Hristev, I. S.
Title: Method for of objective measurement of acoustic scattering in closed spaces using finite differences in time domain
Keywords: FDTD; sound scattering; sound diffusion; Schroeder diffuser; simulation

Abstract: This article describes the implementation of a MATLAB developed calculation algorithm used for sound scattering investigation. The investigation has been conducted by using standard staggered grid leapfrog Finite Difference in the Time Domain (FDTD) numerical scheme in two dimensions. The shape under investigation is single plane Schroeder sound diffuser. The goal of this article is to apply the Finite Differences in the Time Domain numerical method for objective measurement of sound scattering in enclosed spaces and thus aiding the design and optimization of room acoustics in such spaces.


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ETRAN, 2017, Serbia,

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