Autors: Stoynov, V. R.
Title: Investigation of Indoor Wireless Communication Environment Using Abstract Modelling
Keywords: wireless communications, abstract modelling, indoor communications

Abstract: Modern wireless communications are realized to a large extent in closed environments. A serious problem for broadband wireless exchange of data in such an environment is the poor quality of signal transmission due to walls and other barriers, generally called blockages. The simulation of such a complex environment can be accomplished using abstract modelling of enclosed spaces and the deployment of the blockages can be on a random or deterministic principle. In this work, through abstract modelling, the quality of the communication environment in indoor areas is studied in four defined scenarios, with the aim of covering the possible situations of a real working environment to the fullest extent. The average attenuation at a fixed number of transmitters and a changing number of receivers situated randomly in the space is studied. The influence of the number of receiver units on the average performance of the wireless network in an indoor environment is shown for each of the specified.



    ELECTROTECHNICA & ELECTRONICA Magazine (E+E), vol. 52 No 1-2/2017, vol. 52, issue 1, pp. 26-31, 2017, Bulgaria, ISBN ISSN: 0861-4717

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