Autors: Kamenov, V. V.
Title: Toshiba MJ-1015 MJ-1016 finishers – Let’s “finish” the copy/print job Part I and II
Keywords: analog copier, toshiba, finisher, service maintenance, princ

Abstract: This article is dedicated to the rather exotic and mechanically complicated devices called finishers. They are attached to the exit side of a copier and, like in a sorter, the copies are stored there. Sorters were discussed in previous articles. The purpose of finishers is an upgrade of the capabilities of the sorters. The latter simply sort and optionally staple the finished jobs in one fixed position. The finishers can do much more than that.



    Rechargeast Magazine, vol. 1, issue 65, pp. 22-30, 2008, Bulgaria, R3 Publications, ISSN 1313-84-99

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