Autors: Kamenov, V. V.
Title: Toshiba the 60th series analog copiers – а final analysis or which are the most common and mind scratching problems in these machines part 2
Keywords: analog copiers, toshiba, troubleshooting, service maintenanc

Abstract: This is the final article about Toshiba’s 60th series analog copiers. In the article you will find the most common problems, found in the models 2060, 3560 and 4560, as well as in their options – duplexing unit, sorters and automatic document feeders. The models, mentioned, are the working horses of the middle class office equipment. They are found in many offices, public organizations and particularly in small copy centers. It is obvious that the times when these models were new are far gone. This means that except for the regular service maintenance and periodical replacement of parts, according to the service documentation, you have to expect the unexpected. I mean that many of the copiers in the field now have made over half and even over a million copies.



    Rechargeast Magazine, vol. 1, issue 63, pp. 22-29, 2008, Bulgaria, R3 Publications, ISSN 1313-8499

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