Autors: Kamenov, V. V.
Title: Toshiba the 60th series analog copiers – the middle class 2060, 3560 and 4560 models
Keywords: analog copier, toshiba, service maintenance

Abstract: As a logical progression to our series of articles, about Toshiba analog copiers, comes the current and last addition. By “last” I mean that there is not particular interest in discussing the high end copiers over 50 copies per minute, because they are relatively rare and not many technicians get a chance to work on them. The next addition to the series of articles will cover the most common and distinct defects, found in the previously discussed models, but not before we familiarize ourselves with the middle class analog copiers of the 60th series.



    Rechargeast Magazine, vol. 1, issue 60, pp. 22-36, 2008, Bulgaria, R3 Publications, ISSN 1313-8499

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