Autors: Kamenov, V. V.
Title: Toshiba the 60th series analog copiers – the disputable Toshiba 1550 copier
Keywords: Analog copier, toshiba, service maintenance

Abstract: Following the Toshiba 1360/70 copier, reviewed in the previous article, comes the Toshiba 1550 copier. As mentioned in the title, this is a much disputed model – some technicians love it, others hate it. But nevertheless this is one of the most common copiers in East Europe (in Bulgaria for sure). This model is situated in the upper segment of the lower class copiers and so is designated for small to middle offices and not for copy and print centers. So the problem with this model arises whet users try to overwork it. In my practice as a service technician I have had both good and bad experience with this model.



    Rechargeast Magazine, vol. 1, issue 59, pp. 20-31, 2008, Bulgaria, R3 Publications, ISSN 1313-8499

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