Autors: Nedev, S. S., Kamenov, V. V.
Title: Climatic factors influence research on optical CD-Rs
Keywords: CD-R, read errors, climatic parameters, testing

Abstract: The quality of recorded data onto optical computer discs is determined by the quantity of read errors after the data has been burned. The influence of the environment, in which the recorded CDs are stored, can lead to such errors. The consequences of CDs and DVDs storage in sub-zero temperatures are not well studied. Continued exposure to bright sunlight can significantly increase the deterioration degree of the recording layer in recordable optical (CD-R) discs. The present paper describes an investigation of the influence of several environmental parameters on recordable optical discs.


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International Scientific Conference Computer Science 2015, vol. 1, issue 1, pp. 31-36, 2015, Albania, ТУ-София, ISBN 978-619-167-177-9

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