Autors: Milkov, N., Punov, P. B., Danel, Q., Perilhon, C., Podevin, P.
Title: Optimisation of waste heat recovery system operating parameters for diesel engine based on Rankine cycle
Keywords: diesel engine, waste heat recovery, Rankine cycle, numerical and experimental simulation

Abstract: This article presents an optimization study of the Rankine cycle operating parameters as a function of diesel engine operating mode. The Rankine cycle here is studied as a waste heat recovery system which uses the engine exhaust gases as a heat source. The engine exhaust gases parameters (temperature, mass flow rate and composition) were defined on the engine test bed at constant engine speed and variable load. It was found that the exhaust gases temperature is within the range of 167°C to 557°C and the mass flow rate varies from 88,5kg/h to 281,3kg/h. An engine speed of 2000 rpm was chosen in this study due to the fact that this speed provides higher engine thermal efficiency. The Rankine cycle thermal power and efficiency was numerically estimated by means of a simulation code in Python(x,y). This code includes discretized heat exchanger model and simplified model of the pump and the expander based on their isentropic efficiency.


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BulTrans-2016, pp. 69-74, 2016, Bulgaria, Technical University Academic Publishing House, ISSN 1313-955X

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