Autors: Stoev, L. Z.
Title: 3D-Layots of Machine Tools for Multipurpose Machining of Rotary Components
Keywords: 3D-layouts; multipurpose machining; one- and two-carriage machine tools

Abstract: In the paper is presented a concept for design of different 3D-layouts of one- and two-carriage machine tools for combined machining of chuck and centre to centre type workpieces based on a modular principle. New 3D-layouts are offered for consecutive or simultaneous, one-sided or bilateral machining of chuck and centre-to-centre type components. The first section of the paper presents design features and technological capabilities of typical representatives of the so-called single-carriage machine tools as 3D-layouts. The second section presents typical 3D-layouts of double-carriage machine tools where two parallel guideways are used for guiding each one of the carriages. The effective integration of the rough and finishing machining can be accomplished only by new machine tools for chuck or centre-to-centre type workpieces referred in the present paper as "multipurpose".



    Technical Gazette, Scientific-professional Journal of Technical Faculties of University in Osijek, indexed in Web of Science, Scopus, INSPEC, Compendex, Geo Abstracts etc., Impact Factor: 0.579 for 2014, print: ISSN 1330-3651, online: ISSN 1848-6339, Vol. 23/No. 2, doi: 10.17559/TV-20141103142658, vol. 23, issue 2, pp. 321-328, 2016, Croatia, Scientific-professional Journal of Technical Faculties of University in Osijek, ISSN 1848-6339

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