Autors: Sotirova, D. V.
Title: Moral exclusion: implications for bioethics
Keywords: moral exclusion, organizational ethics and bioethics, moral

Abstract: Bioethics benefits from the concepts used in other appliеd ethics such as organizational and business ethics. Among them is moral exclusion - the process of setting psychological barriers of moral space by the community. Usually these limits are connected with ethical principles as fairnesse or universalism. It is argued that it would be beneficial for the quality of decision making in bioethical groups of stakeholders.The former is connected with some soft ways of separation of individuals and groups inside and outside, own and others. What constitutes such a process from an ethical perspective, what are the behavioral symptoms, are the questions to discuss. The concept of moral exclusion in applied ethics was set for the first time in environmental debates. It was also used in interpreting the differences between patent and innovation in legal regulation of biotechnology. At the level of behavior in a community moral exclusion is an aspect of the conflicts constructive solving.



    UNESCO Conference, vol. -, pp. p.69, 2016, Israel, UNESCO Bioethics Chair

    Вид: публикация в международен форум