Autors: Sotirova, D. V.
Title: Psychological and trans-cultural aspects of grandparenting
Keywords: grandparenting, research perspectives to grandparenting, tra

Abstract: In this text the conclusions from the study of psychological, social and trans cultural aspects of grandparenting are generalized. The purpose is to form the conceptual frame for analyzing the phenomenon of grandparenting. The importance of trans cultural perspective for understanding the social roles of today’s grandparenting is stressed. Basic problem is how grandparents can provide cultural continuity in the global world. The topic is discussed based on a overview and study of academic literature on the issue. It is justified that grandparenting as personal experience is part of constructing the picture of cultural generality. The used examples reflect the differences of the concept of childhood and grandparents in the U.S. and Bulgarian culture and literature. It is justified the significance of personal approach, sharing memories and stories in grandparenting experience. The combination of experience, cultural meanings and symbolism makes grandparentin interesting social role.



    11th International Conference "Applied Psycology ans Social Practice". Varna June 2011. Varna Free University. Ed. by Galja Gercheva-Nestorova., vol. -, pp. pp.154-168, 2011, Bulgaria, Varna Free University Publishing, ISBN ISSN 1314–0507

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