Autors: Sotirova, D. V.
Keywords: digital manners, emotional intelligence of e-citizen, etique

Abstract: The aim of this paper is to present etiquette and business etiquette in the digital world. It analyses certain features of digital communication from a psychological and ethical perspective. It seeks an answer to the question how the specifics of digital communication such as anonymity, for example, lead to changes in moral subjectivity. The main thesis of this paper is that etiquette is a hypernorm in digital communication. It is a mean of dealing with the unintended negative consequences of digital communication. Various rules in netiquette are compared in this paper. Digital etiquette is by its nature nontotalitarian. The trend is to change from separate netiquettes to digital citizenship with emotionally intelligent е-citizens. The paper justifies the conclusion that mastering digital etiquette is a component of the emotional intelligence of the е-citizen. A webinar on digital etiquette is a possible form of developing and supporting this specific knowledge and skills.



    VI-th INTERNATIONAL SCIENTIFIC CONFERENCE E-governance, vol. -, 2014, Bulgaria, TУ-София

    Вид: пленарен доклад в международен форум