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Autors: Sotirova, D. V.
Keywords: emotional work, public services, management of emotions, social perception of work, emotional work and educational standards in public administration.

Abstract: This paper surveys emotional work in public administration with special attention to philosophical and educational dimensions of public service profession. The purpose is to propose conceptual analysis of emotional work. It is based on critical review of studeis on this new construct, as well as on teaching and training experience at the bachelor and master degrees and in courses for state employees at the Institute of Public Administration. Results from consulting organizational behavior and ethics are used to define theoretical framework for the interdisciplinary approach to emotional labor. Some positive and negative effects of emotional work are considered, in particular – emotional division of labor. The main idea in respect of education is that a manufacturing-oriented understanding still dominates in preparation of public administrators. Some news forms of learning emotional work are offered.


    VII INTERNATIONAL SCIENTIFIC CONFERENCE, vol. -, pp. 9, 2015, Bulgaria, TУ-София

    Вид: публикация в национален форум с межд. уч., публикация в реферирано издание

    Въведена от: проф. д-р Даниела Василева Сотирова