Autors: Lishev, S. N., Popov, R. K., Georgiev, A. G.
Title: Specialized measuring system for analysing thermal fields in hybrid systems
Keywords: hybrid thermal systems, thermal field measurement, chemical and biochemical reactors

Abstract: The analysis of thermal fields requires the collection and processing of information about the temperature in many points in the zone that is under investigation. A specialized measurement system, developed by Bulgarian scientific team from Plovdiv is presented in the article. It enables long-term recording of temperature data in more than 100 points. The system is designed for analysing thermal fields in Phase change materials (PCM) storages in hybrid systems. It is also suitable for related applications like chemical and biochemical reactors, and columns, if the temperature is in the range of -20 ° to +125 °C. Data is stored in SD-card and can be transferred via USB interface to the PC by specialized software, where the thermal fields could be visualized.



    XV "International Scientific Conference" RENEWABLE ENERGY & INNOVATIVE TECHNOLOGIES, 10 - 11 June, Smolyan, 2016, Bulgaria,

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