Autors: Vassilieva, N. D., Georgiev, A. G., Popov, R. K.
Title: Study of Hybrid Ground-Source Heat Pump System with Solar Collectors
Keywords: Hybrid thermal systems, solar collectors, borehole heat exchangers, heat pump, TRNSYS model

Abstract: A simulation model of a hybrid thermal heating and cooling system consisting of solar collectors, vertical borehole heat exchangers and heat pump is presented in this article. The model is built in the “TRNSYS studio” simulation environment and allows to explore different modes of operation and to analyze an influence of system parameters on performance characteristics. The model describes the behavior of a real laboratory installation and will be used for the optimization of its operation and costs.



    XV "International Scientific Conference" RENEWABLE ENERGY & INNOVATIVE TECHNOLOGIES, 10 - 11 June, Smolyan, 2016, Bulgaria,

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