Autors: Georgiev, A. G.
Title: Long term experience and research on hybrid thermal systems
Keywords: hybrid thermal systems, renewable energy sources, underground thermal energy storages

Abstract: There are different types of hybrid thermal systems. The term "Hybrid system" usually refers to at least two types of installations. They possess elements such as a PCM storage, a heat pump, solar collectors, heat rejecters, a seasonal water storage and an underground thermal energy storage, which can be combined with an electrical facility (e.g. PV/T collectors) and a second heat pump. The aim of the hybrid thermal installation is to improve the system’s energy efficiency. The article discusses different configurations of hybrid thermal systems. At the same time the article presents the long experience of the members of the scientific team at the Plovdiv Branch of the Technical University of Sofia and the research they have done on hybrid thermal systems. The prospects for future developments are also mentioned.



    XV "International Scientific Conference" RENEWABLE ENERGY & INNOVATIVE TECHNOLOGIES, 10 - 11 June, Smolyan, 2016, Bulgaria,

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