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Autors: Fachikov L., Tumbaleva Y., Ivanova D., Tzaneva, B. R.
Title: Characterisation of amorphous phosphate coatings onto carbon steel surfaces
Keywords: Conversion coatings, Amorphous phosphating, Iron phosphating, Carbon steels

Abstract: This study continues the authors’ investigation of the newly developed product KAF-09OF and concerns the preparation and characterisation of amorphous phosphate coatings on carbon steels. KAF-09OF is a liquid concentrate of ammonium and alkaline phosphates, stabilising additives – buffers, softeners, activators (both inorganic and organic), as well as surfactants – a non-ionic and an anionic detergents. Gravimetric and polarisation methods, X-ray fluorescence analysis, transmission electron microscopy, X-ray photoelectron spectroscopy and atomic force microscopy have been used to determine the effect of pH (2–6), temperature conditions (20–80oC) and agitation rate (0–2000 rev/min) on the process of phosphating using this developed product. Coating thicknesses, compositions, structures and passivation characteristics in the phosphating baths with different concentrations of KAF-09OF have been analysed.


    Transactions of the Institute of Metal Finishing, vol. 90, issue 6, pp. 330-333, 2012, United Kingdom, Taylor & Francis Group, ISBN 0020-2967 (Print), 1745-9192 (Online)

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