Autors: Tzaneva, B. R., Loukaycheva, M. H., Fachikov L.B., Jekova L.Ts.
Title: Effect of chloride ions on corrosion behaviour of austenitic nickel and nickel free stainless steels in phosphoric acid solutions
Keywords: Stainless steel, Nitrogen, Chloride, Pitting, Phosphoric acid, Polarisation

Abstract: The effect of chloride ions’presence (0?005–1?0MNaCl) inphosphoric acid solutions (5, 40 and 75%) on the corrosion behaviour of three austenitic stainless steels (an experimental steel Fe–18Cr–12Mn–0.6N and two trade grades, Fe–18Cr–9Ni and Fe–14Cr–15Mn–0.2N) has been studied by potentiodynamic polarisation measurements. The surface examinations of the samples tested involved X-ray photoelectron spectroscopy as well as optical and scanning electron microscopy. It was established that chlorides added to phosphoric acid solutions deteriorate the general corrosion resistance, and under anodic polarisation, they provoke pitting corrosion. The composition of the stainless steels significantly influences its corrosion behaviour in the phosphoric acid solutions containing chloride ions. The replacement of nickel with manganese and nitrogen on top of lower chromium content has a strong negative effect on the corrosion resistance.



    Corrosion Engineering, Science and Technology, vol. 50, issue 8, pp. 568-578, 2015, United Kingdom, Maney, ISBN 1478-422X (Print), 1743-2782 (Online)

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