Autors: Penev, B. G., Christov, N. D.
Title: State-space analysis in the time-optimal control design for a class of linear systems
Keywords: linear time-optimal control, state-space analysis, class of linear systems

Abstract: The paper deals with a new approach to synthesis of time-optimal control for a class of linear systems. It is based on decomposition of the time-optimal control problem into a class of decreasing order problems, and the properties and relations between the problems within this class. First, state-space properties of the problems are analyzed, and then the optimal control is obtained by using a multistage procedure avoiding the switching hypersurface description. The emphasis in this paper is put on the state-space analysis stage of the approach proposed. (End of the abstract) / Additional resources on the internet for the article: ( ), ( ), ( ).



    Systems Science, vol. 31, no 4, pp. 33--48, 2005, Poland, ISSN 0137-1223

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