Autors: Asparuhova, K. K., Grigorova, T. G.
Title: IGBT Behavioral PSPICE Model
Keywords: PSPICE model, IGBT, ABM method

Abstract: Behavioral IGBT macromodel for OrCad PSPICE simulator is presented. The model is parameterized and it is implemented as a subcircuit in the simulator. The nonlinear DC equations and voltage-controlled capacitors are precisely represented using ABM method, which is resulting in good accuracy. The static I-V characteristics offered by the behavioral model are shown. The tailing of the anode currents simulated by the behavioral model at a constant anode voltage-switching test are given. The good agreement between the simulation and experimental results can be observed in the paper


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Microelectronics, 2006 25th International Conference on, pp. 203 - 206, 2006, Serbia, IEEE, DOI 10.1109/ICMEL.2006.1650931 / ISBN 1-4244-0117-8

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