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Autors: Notton G., Lazarov, V. D., Stoyanov, L. S.
Title: Optimal sizing of a grid-connected PV system for various PV module technologies and inclinations, inverter efficiency characteristics and locations
Keywords: Grid-connected photovoltaic system optimization, PV technologies, Inverter, PV/Inverter sizing ration, Inclination, Energy performance

Abstract: An optimal sizing methodology based on an energy approach is described and applied to grid-connected photovoltaic systems taking into account the photovoltaic module echnology and inclination, the inverter type and the location. A model describing the efficiency for m-Si, p-Si, a-Si and CIS is used. The method has been applied on various eteorological stations in Bulgaria and Corsica (France). The main parameter affecting the sizing is the inverter efficiency curve. The influence of the PV module technology seems less important except for amorphous photovoltaic modules for which special remarks have been made. The inclination on the PV system influences the performances particularly when the inverter is undersized compared to the PV peak power.


    Renewable Energy, vol. 35, issue 2, pp. 541-554, 2010, United States, Elsevier, ISSN 0960-1481

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