Autors: Rusev, R. P.
Title: Green Fluorescent Protein Hydrogen Bonds Compared to Microelectronic Devices
Keywords: Hydrogen bonding networks, green fluorescent

Abstract: Green Fluorescent Protein hydrogen bonding network in ground state is investigated. The network consists of chromophore, water molecule, and protein residues around the chromophore that participate in the photocycle. Proton transfer characteristics for each hydrogen bond are obtained. It is found that the proton transfer parameter depends on donor and acceptor electrostatic potentials, cooperative effects, and the sum of protein electrostatic potentials. The shapes of proton transfer parameters versus donor and acceptor electrostatic potentials are similar to I-V characteristics of 2- or 3-terminal devices. In addition, there are characteristics that are similar to reverse diode characteristic, output characteristic of field effect transistor, current source. The chromophore and glutamine acid residuum in hydrogen bonding networks have functions similar to microelectronic multiplexer.



    Annual Journal of electronics, 2015, pp. 186-189, 2015, Bulgaria, ISSN 1314-0078

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