Autors: Punov, P. B., Lacour, S., Perilhon, C., Podevin, P., Descombes, G., Evtimov, T.
Title: Numerical study of the waste heat recovery potential of exhaust gas on a tractor engine
Keywords: Waste heat recovery, diesel engine, exhaust gas, Rankine cycle, energy, exergy, simulation model

Abstract: The paper presents an analysis of the possibilities of exhaust gas heat recovery on a tractor engine with an output power of 110kW. A simulation model of the engine by means of one-dimensional and zero-dimensional approaches was built in the simulation code AVL BOOST and a model of the Rankine cycle was implemented. The experimental values of engine effective power, mass flow and exhaust gas temperature were used to validate the engine model. The energy balance of the engine shows that more than 28.9% of the fuel energy is rejected by exhaust gases. Using the engine model the energy and exergy of the exhaust gases were studied. An experimental study of the real working cycle of a tractor engine revealed that the engine operates most of the time at constant speed and load (n = 1650rpm and BMEP = 10bar). Lastly, a Rankine cycle simulation with four working fluids was carried out at the most typical engine operating point.



    Proceedings of the Institution of Mechanical Engineers, Part D: Journal of Automobile Engineering, 2015, United Kingdom, SAGE, ISSN 0954-4070

    Copyright SAGE Publications

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