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Autors: Chikov, O. R., Marinova, G. I.
Title: MVC Framework Approach in the Online assisted platform for Computer-aided Design in Communications – Online-CADCOM
Keywords: Computer-aided design in communications, MVC Framework, Programming Layers, File Separation Content Management System

Abstract: The paper presents the MVC Framework approach, implemented for the development of the platform Online-CADCOM. MVC programming approach is an architectural pattern that separates a web application into three main logical components: the Model, the View and the Controller, thus overcoming issues, rising from the complexity of web-based multitool design platforms. The architecture of the web application Online-CADCOM is described and it’s illustrated by the “View” section from the MVC Framework model.


    Computer&Communications Engineering (CEE), pp. рецензирана и приета за печат,под печат, 2015, Bulgaria, Publishing house "TU-Sofia", ISBN ISSN 1314-2291

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