Autors: Dimitrov, V. V.
Title: Analysis of a power MOSFET switching process
Keywords: Power Electronics, MOSFET, Power Semiconductors,

Abstract: This paper considers the switching dynamics of a power MOSFET using fourth order equivalent circuit for the different regions of operation. In contrast to the standard approach, reducing the investigated circuit to second order is not made, which helps to keep the detailed dynamics in the final waveforms. The governing equations for the different stages during turn on and off are written in state space form. Using this approach, the obtained waveforms are plotted for both the turn on and turn off process. Finally, a discussion is made about the way to implement some of the more obvious discrepancies between the used MOSFET equivalent circuits and the physical device.



    ELECTRONICS, pp. 103-108, 2015, Bulgaria, ISSN 1314-8605

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