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Autors: Galabova, L. P.
Title: Developing a Knowledge-based Economy through Innovation Policy: The Cases of Bulgaria, Finland and Scotland
Keywords: knowledge-based economy, innovation policy, strategy, comparative study

Abstract: Different EU member states adopt and apply the EU knowledge-based economy (KBE) development policies in different ways and at different paces. Innovation policies are widely seen as key tools for supporting economic growth and wealth. This paper aims to study the innovation policies and strategies in place in three EU member states: Bulgaria, Finland and the UK (Scotland), which are representative of different stages in the development of a KBE. Reviewing innovation management literature, EU and national innovation policy documents, the author investigated how the EU vision for KBE development has been translated in each of the three countries. The author argues that to achieve the goal of establishing a developed KBE, coherent policies on education, research and innovation, which build upon and reflect national cultures and traditions are required.


    Science and Public Policy, vol. 39, issue 6, pp. 802-814, 2012, United Kingdom, Oxford University Press, ISBN ISSN 0302-3427

    Copyright Oxford University Press

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