Autors: Boycheva, S. V., Zgureva, D. M.
Title: Surface studies of fly ash zeolites via adsorption/desorption isotherms
Keywords: fly ash zeolites, surface area, porosity, adsorption isother

Abstract: Zeolites of types Na-A (Linde, LTA) and Na-X (Faujasite, FAU) are perspective adsorbents in environment protection systems due to their extremely developed surface area and pore size exceeding molecular diameter of variety gaseous pollutants. Recently, synthetic analogous of these zeolites being obtained of aluminosilicate residues for saving natural resources. In this study LTA and FAU zeolites were synthesized by alkaline conversion of coal fly ash by different techniques in order to be further applied for adsorption of carbon dioxide from flue gases. The main key factors predeterminating the adsorption ability of solids are their surface and porosity characteristics. For these considerations, selected samples were subjected to surface studies by the help of surface area and porosity analyzer Tristar II 3020, Micromeritics. Experimental adsorption/desorption isotherms were measured at 77 K using analytical gas nitrogen 5N.



    Bulgarian Chemical Communications, 2015, Bulgaria, Bulgarian Academy of Science, ISSN 0324-1130

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